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Why Is VYBE Pro Massage Gun Best Among All?

Why Is VYBE Pro Massage Gun Best Among All?

“Do you suffer from post-workout aches? Are you looking for a way to relieve your muscles from the pain but are not ready for a conventional massage? Have you heard about massage guns?”

VYBE Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes – Pro Model – Electric Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Guns Soothe Body Aches, Back Pain – 9 Speeds, 8 Attachments, Quiet, Portable

Professional athletes, workout fanatics, and people of all ages and fitness levels can all benefit from a decent massage now and then. Massage treatment has a number of benefits. However, if you believe massage therapy is expensive and time-consuming, you are mistaken.

We are happy to share with you a standout massage gun called VYBE Pro Massage Gun. VYBE massage guns are noted for their high quality, consistent performance, and affordable pricing, allowing them to compete with the greatest massage gun brands on the market. But is the new VYBE Pro up to the task? Continue reading to find out.

Incredible Features Of VYBE Pro Massage Gun

The Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun has some outstanding specs for its price point. It comes with a travel bag and weighs only 2.2 pounds, making it portable and simple to carry for long periods of time. It also has five speeds capable of blasting out 3200 percussions per minute. Let us have a look at some of its features.

1. Effective And Intense Vibrations

This deep tissue muscle massage gun is found ideally effective for breaking up knots after a hard workout or during training. It gives you a thorough, comfortable, and peaceful recovery. It has eight interchangeable attachments and nine varying levels of vibrations up to 3200 rpm that is designed to relieve your pain and enhance your performance.

2. Portable And Travel Friendly

It has a durable travel case included that makes your recovery on the go possible. This compact hand-held massage gun fits easily into your backpack or carry-on bag. You can pair it with a foam roller or yoga mat to enhance your vibration therapy.

3. Ultra Quiet And Versatile

VYBE Pro Massage Gun has a brushless motor with a voltage of 24 volts that combines great performance with low noise levels. The innovative, quiet technology of the VYBE Pro allows you to get the rest you need without making a mess or disturbing your loved ones. It applies up to 33 lbs of soothing pressure with hardly any sound.

It is very versatile. You can take your handheld massager to the gym, the local football field, on a long trek, or have it ready at the marathon finish line.

4. Long-Lasting Batteries

You’ll be able to use the gun for both warm-ups and cool-downs, thanks to the three-hour battery life. The VYBE Pro is the massage tool for you whether you need to improve blood circulation or relieve muscle pain.

Pros and Cons of VYBE Pro Massage Gun


  • Relieves Chronic Body Pain And Fatigue
  • Has A Number Of Interchangeable Attachments Each With A Specific Pain Relieving Function
  • Quiet Performance


  • Too Powerful For Some Users
  • Higher Price Point

Tips To Use VYBE Pro Massage Gun

1. Maintenance

Your massage gun will last longer if you take good care of it. To keep it running smoothly and free from noise, regularly apply electric motor lubricant oil. You can also keep it clean and germ-free by using antibacterial wipes or a wet towel, although the foam may require a spray sanitiser.

2. Avoid Over-charging utilizing

Like any other electronic device, VYBE Pro Massage Gun should not be over-charged as it may damage its batteries. An 8-hour charging is recommended to get the best performance.

3. Vibration vs Percussion

Early massage guns used vibration therapy, which is the minor back-and-forth oscillation, resulting in a pleasant, little muscle tremor inside the target tissues. Vibration therapy can soothe the body from some pain and be a generally pleasant experience while providing some massage-like benefits to you.

The latest massage guns, including the one under discussion, use percussion and penetrate an inch or more into the muscle resulting in a deeper, more intense stimulation of the muscle. Percussive therapy reaches 60% deeper into your muscle than vibration massagers, which produces deeper massage-like benefits.

Is a Massage Gun Really Worth it?

Massage guns are ideal for decreasing the tightness and uncomfortable knots that might form in your muscles after severe activity, especially if you exercise frequently. These percussive massage guns have been demonstrated in studies to deliver the same benefits as a 15-minute massage in as little as two minutes of use.

How Long Should You Use a Massage Gun?

It is recommended to utilise your massage gun for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group, depending on the desired outcome. A full-body workout should last no more than 15 minutes. Treat yourself at least twice a day.

Use your gun for 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and 2 minutes for muscle activation, muscle reactivation, pain relief, and recovery, respectively.

Where Should You not Use a Massage Gun?

Muscles, not nerves, bones, joints, or tendons, are the targets of the massage gun. While it may seem self-evident, physicians recommend avoiding using it on scabs, sores, malignant tumors, and recent bone fractures. You should also avoid utilizing the massage gun on any portion of their body that is numb.


To be honest, we’d probably suggest the VYBE Pro to you if you are seeking to purchase a massage gun. It isn’t the most costly choice on the market, but it does provide an excellent combination of variable speed settings and interchangeable massage heads, allowing you to tailor your experience.

However, you may find that the distinction between specific settings isn’t as obvious as they would want. The contrast between the lowest and highest, though, is undeniable.

Simply said, the VYBE Pro is an excellent choice for anyone trying to ease muscle tension and stiffness. It has enough strength to provide you with some significant deep-tissue treatment, but it may be too much for certain people. However, if you have chronic pain, that intensity may be beneficial. Despite its strength, the VYBE Pro Massage Gun is still a more inexpensive alternative to other high-end massage gun models.

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7 Best Massage Guns 2021 (Top Rated Massage Guns 2021)

We Like
JamGym Massage Gun KZD02
+ Portability
+ Long Battery Life
+ Quiet and Powerful Deep Tissue Massage
- Not Enjoy Return Policy Agreement
Youdgee Muscle Massage Gun H1
+ 6 Speed Levels
+ Lightweight and Portable
+ Long Battery Life
- 1 Lithium-ion Battery
TOLOCO Massage Gun EM26
+ 20 Adjustable Speeds
+ Precise Muscle Targeting
+ 12 V Brushless Motor
- Battery May Heat Up
ALDOM Massage Gun
+ 30 Speed Levels
+ Super Quiet & Powerful
+ Daily Massage
- Single Color
Cholas Massage Gun KZD02
+ 30 Different Speed
+ Long Working Hours
+ Powerful And Very Quiet
- Single Color
CHIROGUN Percussion Massage Gun
+ 6 Hour Battery Life
+ Available In Different Colors
+ 30x Speed Levels
- 1 Lithium-ion Battery
HeaDot Muscle Massage Gun GUN003
+ Lightweight Handheld Design
+ 30 Speed Modes
+ 1.5 to 2 Hours Fully Charge
- Single Color