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Why addsfit Mini Massage Gun Is Best For Treating Sores In Muscles? 

Why addsfit Mini Massage Gun Is Best For Treating Sores In Muscles? 

“You must be tired of soreness in muscles and heavy massage guns; that’s why you are here, you want a mini massage gun to relieve muscle soreness? If yes, then forget your pain. We are here to help you out.”

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If you have a huge, burly, muscular body covered with tissue layers, then a normal-sized massage gun seems to be a better option for you. Nevertheless, if you are a fairly active individual who gets aching, we suggest you start by using mini.

Out of many mini-massage guns, the addsfit Mini Massage Gun might be one of the most convenient massage guns available there. Addsfit has an excellent rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from more than three hundred and fifty customers. This shows that the buyers are gratified with this Mini Gun. This article contains features, pros, cons, tips, FAQs about the Addsfit mini massage. So, keep scrolling.

What Makes Addsfit Mini Massage Gun An Ultimate Choice?

Massage guns have become normal among the masses in 2021. They have been upgraded from experimental gadgets to proper gadgets for normal use. Now everyone is looking to buy it or has bought it.

Moreover, in this era of a deadly pandemic, it is not safe to go for massage in massage centers. Why would you risk your life? When you can relieve your pain at home with easy-to-use, convenient massage guns. That is why most individuals prefer to relieve their pain by a massage at home.

If we make a comparison of Mini massage guns with full-sized massagers, then mini massagers are worth buying over full-sized massagers. Because of its lower price tag, quieter, and high portability.

Incredible Features Of Addsfit Mini Massage

Some incredible features of the Addsfit mini-massage gun are mentioned below in this article.

1. Light Weighted

The addsfit Mini Massage Gun is very light-weighted when it comes to weight. It has a weight of only 360g. It can be fitted into your pocket easily. For the gym, home workout, yoga, running, travel, office, and more, it is the perfect gadget. It comes in small and elegant packing, which makes it the ideal travel partner and a gift for someone.

2. Powerful Motor And Noise-Free

Mini massage gun is supplied with a powerful motor. With the powerful motor, this device punches impactful punches that press hard against muscles that go slightly deeper into the tissue. Moreover, its motor is environment-friendly; you can massage anywhere or anytime without disturbing others.

3. Auto-off and Long Battery Life

The mini massager has a built-in rechargeable battery of 2500mAh, which is made up of lithium.  It can relieve your pain for up to 6 hours continuously. It comes with Type-C charging port through which it can be charged at a fast speed at any time. It also has an auto-off mode to avoid overuse.

4. Metallic Body

Addsfit mini-massage gun is different in material from other massagers. It has an all-metal, pure aluminum, body which makes it more durable. No doubt, it seems stylish too.

5. Relieves Muscles Pain

At last but not least, the Addsfit mini massager relieves muscles pain. In fact, it is one of the most prominent features, rightly said, most important feature. It helps in getting rid of muscles pain. One of the customers states that “This mini massage gun relieves muscle’s discomfort and aching.”

Pros and Cons of addsfit Mini Massage Gun


  • Handy and small
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only two attachments
  • Not very powerful

Tips To Buy Perfect Mini Massage Gun

Our tips are comprehensive. Here is a bit on what we consider in good quality mini and small massage guns:

  • Budget: massager must be budget-friendly. There are various massagers available with a pro to simple features, and their price also depends upon quality.
  • Size: Obviously, small-sized massagers are taken into consideration.
  • Performance: while considering performance, these things should be considered.
  • Percussion Range: how fast the gun can massage.
  • Stroke length: Also known as Amplitude, means how far the head of the gun travels back and forth.
  • Stall Force: Ability to continue working under pressure.
  • Accessories: Number of attachments and if extra heads are included.
  • Battery and Charger: Good product has often had a good battery. Must be convenient in charging.

Is a Massage Gun Worth it?

Yes, massage guns are absolutely worth buying. For reducing aching, irritating knots, and tightness that form in muscles after a workout massage guns are good. If those massagers are mini, then it is even better because mini massagers are easy to use. You can take a mini massage with you anywhere.

Is it Bad to Use a Massage Gun on Your Neck?

Dr. Novick Salmond and Shadle Holland say we should not use a massage gun for neck muscles, and this can get a carotid dissection. With carotid dissection, blood flown to the brain can be interpreted and can cause a stroke. You should avoid using it on neck muscles.

How Long Should You Use a Massage Gun?

It depends on the desired result. However, we recommend you to use a massager gun, per muscle group, for a maximum of three minutes and a minimum of 20 seconds. Moreover, you should not exceed 15 minutes in a full-body session.


Hopefully, you have loved the drive and will be a lot smarter when you pick mini massager. All in all, there are too many factors that need to be considered while buying a good massage gun that matches your requirements or imagination. Selecting the addsfit Mini Massage Gun will be a good option as it comes with two attachments, which means two guns for the price of one.

When it comes to the battery, it has a 2500mAh. If we talk about style, it has a stylish look with a metal body. When we hear about a motor, it has a powerful and noiseless motor. What else do you want? At last, feel free to ask any further queries.

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7 Best Massage Guns 2021 (Top Rated Massage Guns 2021)

We Like
JamGym Massage Gun KZD02
+ Portability
+ Long Battery Life
+ Quiet and Powerful Deep Tissue Massage
- Not Enjoy Return Policy Agreement
Youdgee Muscle Massage Gun H1
+ 6 Speed Levels
+ Lightweight and Portable
+ Long Battery Life
- 1 Lithium-ion Battery
TOLOCO Massage Gun EM26
+ 20 Adjustable Speeds
+ Precise Muscle Targeting
+ 12 V Brushless Motor
- Battery May Heat Up
ALDOM Massage Gun
+ 30 Speed Levels
+ Super Quiet & Powerful
+ Daily Massage
- Single Color
Cholas Massage Gun KZD02
+ 30 Different Speed
+ Long Working Hours
+ Powerful And Very Quiet
- Single Color
CHIROGUN Percussion Massage Gun
+ 6 Hour Battery Life
+ Available In Different Colors
+ 30x Speed Levels
- 1 Lithium-ion Battery
HeaDot Muscle Massage Gun GUN003
+ Lightweight Handheld Design
+ 30 Speed Modes
+ 1.5 to 2 Hours Fully Charge
- Single Color