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How To Pick The Best From Top 5 Hot Selling Massage Guns?

How To Pick The Best From Top 5 Hot Selling Massage Guns?

“Are you having trouble finding the perfect massage gun that’s going to get rid of your muscle pains? Well then, worry not; we have got your back. Muscle pain can be a real bother, particularly for those who can’t afford a massage therapist either due to money problems or time constraints. “

Theragun Mini – All-New 4th Generation Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Owing to the nature of the problem, you can’t just ignore it. Doing so will only enhance your discomfort and pain level and interfere with your everyday life. You might want to buy a massage gun in this situation to relieve said pain, but how can a beginner like you know which massage gun is the right choice?

We understand the urgency of the situation, which is why we’re here to offer help. In this article, we will talk in detail about the many features of Top 5 Hot Selling massage guns. We also shed light on the benefits of massage guns. SO, keep reading.

Top 5 Hot-Selling Massage Guns

1. Therabody Massage Gun

Theragun Mini is an all-new 4th generation muscle massager. It houses a brushless QX35 motor along with QuietForce technology, allowing it to work ultra-quietly without a compromise on Power. The gun comes with a silicone case which makes portability hassle-free.

Theragun Mini – All-New 4th Generation Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

The gun has a battery life of 150 minutes- a standard in the industry. You can choose between any of the three scientifically calibrated speeds – 1750,2100, and 2400. Furthermore, the gun has been designed with a non-porous closed-cell foam which not only makes for a comfortable massage but is also pretty easy to clean.


  • Ultra-Quiet and Powerful motor
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Made Of Non-Porous Cell Foam


  • Can be uncomfortable to hold

2. Bob And Brad Massage Gun

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun is one of the Top 5 Hot Selling massage guns. The gun also boasts of a powerful brushless motor. Maximum speeds can go up to 3000 rpm. And as for the amplitude, it goes up to 7mm.

BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun, Pocket-Sized Deep Tissue Massager Gun, Portable Percussion Muscle Massager Gun, Ultra Small & Quiet Muscle Massage Gun with Carry Case for On The Go Usage

The massage gun’s most distinguishing feature is its long battery life. It can work for an estimated 4 hours, going on 3.5 hours of charging, all thanks to the 2500mAh battery. Additionally, you can choose between 5 adjustable speeds – 1800, 2100,2400,2700,3000.


  • Longer battery life – 4 hours
  • 5-adjustable speeds
  • Pocket-sized


  • Low Amplitude

3. Infinity Massage Gun

Fusion Black Pro is the best when it comes to addressing deep muscle pain. The gun’s been designed with the utmost care. It comes equipped with a 12-agree handle, allowing you to hold the gun for longer periods without any pain. It can deliver a maximum of 3300 percussions per minute, so you know the motor is powerful.

Fusion Black Pro Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Gun for Athletes Pain Relief Therapy and Relaxation, Percussion Therapy Chiropractor Massager, Body Massager

What’s best is that you can adjust between around 20-speed levels. Furthermore, the gun comes equipped with over six removable attachments, allowing you to address all muscle groups.


  • 20 adjustable speed level
  • Easy Grip
  • Greta versatility with six attachments


  • Can be noisy

4. Addsfit Massage Gun

AddsFit Massage Gun is another pocket-sized option for you. Despite the size, the gun addresses muscle pain 6mm deep. You can choose between 3 adjustable speed levels as well as two massage heads. It can deliver powerful 3200 strokes per minute.

addsfit Mini Massage Gun, Pocket-Sized Muscle Deep Tissue Massager Gun for Pain Relief, Handheld Percussion Massager Gun, Portable Quiet Muscle Massage Gun with Carry Case for Travel Office Gym

The gun has an all-metal body which grants it greater durability compared to others. It boasts of the longest battery life – 6 hours out of all our recommendations. The gun also had auto-off mode in place, which automatically turns off the gun after 10 minutes of usage.


  • Greta battery life – 6 hours
  • Smart auto mode
  • Two massage heads


  • Lower percussion rate

5. M9 Pro Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Percussion is your best choice for replacing a chiropractor. With a 24v brushless motor, the gun does everything an actual professional can. You can choose between any of the 6varibale speeds. You can also improve your experience with five attachments.

Massage Gun Muscle Massager Deep Tissue Percussion Therapy Gun for Athletes, Handheld Powerful Electric Body Massage Gun for Pain Relief – Cordless Super Quiet Brushless Motor – M9 Pro

The gun boasts a 5 hours battery life, owing to the 2400mAh battery. Weighing around 3.42 lbs, the gun makes for more lightweight portability. The gun is also equipped with smart timing protection as our previous contender. However, this one promises a greater amplitude of 12 mm.


  • Six adjustable speeds
  • Longer battery life – 5 hours
  • Greater Amplitude


  • Low noise

Benefits Of A Massage Gun

Purchasing a massage gun is the best thing you can do for yourself since the gun holds many potential benefits for you. Here’s a list:

  1. Massage guns improve muscle contraction, which leads to strengthening and lengthening of the tissues.
  2. Massage guns can help get rid of post-workout toxic debris stored in muscles.
  3. They improve oxygen and blood supply to the muscle, which boosts up tissue metabolism.
  4. Massage guns not only provide powerful pain relief but also speed up the whaling process with the added benefits.
  5. Consistent use of the gun can enhance your body’s motion as flexibility is improved – the desired effect for most athletes.

Where Should You Not Use A Massage Gun?

Massage guns are not to be used on joints, bones, tendons, and nerves. They’reThey’re only supposed to be used on muscles. Additionally, you should avoid places on your body where there are wounds, scabs, bone fractures, or cancerous lesions.

So Massage Gun Get Rid of Knots?

Yes, massage guns can get rid of knots as the guns improve blood flow to various muscle groups. The increased blood flow not only reduces muscle tension and inflammation but also breaks up knots.

How Often Should You Use A Deep Massage Gun?

You can use the massage gun daily. Just keep in mind to not go overboard. Ideally, you should spend 2 minutes on each muscle group. In case of any tenderness or pain, immediately stop using the gun.


Summing it up, muscle pain can be absolutely debilitating. However, with the right massage gun purchase, you can relax. This article talks about the features of the top 5 Hot selling massage guns. Each of these promises great comfort and value for your money.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and make your purchase now!

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